DEF Storage Calculator

We’ve built an easy-to-use calculator to help you determine which Blue1USA products are best for your particulate DEF storage and dispensing needs.  Simply enter the number of vehicles in your fleet, the average number of miles driven per vehicle per year, your fleet average MPT and select the dosing percentage you use (3, 4 or 5%).  Our calculator will show you annual diesel usage and estimated DEF usage on an annual, monthly and weekly basis.  We then highlight the Blue1USA products that match your needs.

Please note that all estimates are approximate.  Many factors affect DEF consumption, including vehicle weight, type of travel, etc.  The suggested products are guidelines based on the the calculator estimates.  Please consult with us or your Blue1USA distributor for specific product recommendations.

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Recommended Blue1USA Products

Tote Cabinets
Blue1 Mini Bulk
Blue1MAX ™