Mission Statement


Where people and products come together to create reliable solutions for the benefit of our customers. Our culture is driven by positive attitudes and a passion for excellence.


Blue1USA is governed by its core values. They shape our culture and define the character of the company, guiding our behavior and the decisions we make.

ATTITUDE - Only you can control your attitude. Recognize what you can control and accept the things that you cannot change. Your positive attitude in life and in business defines who you are.

INTEGRITY - Act with honesty and integrity. Decisions become easy when we remind ourselves to do the right thing.

QUALITY - Provide our customers with the highest quality equipment and service in the industry. Strive for excellence in every assignment. Follow through with your commitments.

TEAMWORK - Respect the contributions of all teammates and recognize that every person’s role contributes to the success of the company. Together Everyone Achieves More.

VALUE - Create value for our customers and company by focusing on constant improvement, no matter how small the task.