Blue1EconOur pre-wired, turn-key Blue1Econ™ system includes all components necessary to safely and conveniently dispense DEF on your fuel island.  Perfect for warm weather sites or fleet maintenance shop locations, the narrow, compact footprints are the smallest in the industry and provide you with the most flexible and inexpensive DEF installation available.   Our proprietary single-wall poly tanks are all UV protected, and every sealed system meets ISO 22241-3, 4 and PEI RP1100 industry standards.

  • Blue1Econ™ Available in narrow footprint 500, 750 and 1,000 gallon options
  • Dispensing assembly includes a 15′ hose, misfill prevention nozzle with auto shutoff, swivel/breakaway and LED display with 100:1 pulse output
  • Available remote model that can be piped to Blue1USA or other DEF dispensers
  • Compatible with all fuel management and card reader systems
  • Factory installed components include:  submersible pump, stainless steel piping with leak-proof press fittings, pressure vacuum vent and 2″ dry-break fill couple
  • Bolt down frame protects the system from strong winds and storms.

Equipment financing is available.  Call us or click here for more information.